Ulpian Data | Fiduciary Service Provision | Risk Containment

Ulpian Data operates in the fields of fiduciary service provision and risk containment. Clients come from pension funds, charities and financial service providers.

Client Base & History

Ulpian Data acquired in 2013 the business earlier founded in 2000 by Keith Wallace which itself had served clients back to the 1970s. Clients and assignments are a mix of direct and indirect, the latter through two pension trusteeship companies and a global law firm.

Current clients include pensions funds up to £3 billion, family trusts, national agencies, religious bodies and charities. Past long-term clients include two large endowed charities, 400 and 500 years old.

Specialist Areas are:
• Longevity hedging
• Interest and inflation risk – liability matching strategies
• De-risking – pension liabilities
• Pension scheme trusteeship and administration
• Financial regulatory advice and assignments
• Property and management oversight services to charities
• Fund formation for non-taxpaying entities
• Compliance officer role and services
• Asset allocation decisions
• Hedge fund due diligence
• Expert witness

Ulpian Data Ltd | Fiduciary Service Provision | Risk Containment