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Sample publications, articles and lectures in recent years


1984 - 2000: Founding Publisher, Editor and Contributor “Pension Lawyer” ISSN 1474-7510
1999 to date: “Banking Litigation” – Sweet & Maxwell – Contributor/sub-editor re Global Custody chapter – 1st – 3rd Editions, 4th edition in planning
1993: Trust Deed & Rules Checklist – NAPF Publication No 21
2013 to date: Editor (Joint) “Trust Quarterly Review” ISSN 1466-7932 Worldwide journal

Lectures and Articles:

2014:  [pre-publication] “Legal Risk in Longevity Hedging Instruments”
2014 April: “Issues for Participating Employers”, Independent Schools Council - Bursars
2014 March: “Issues for Participating Employers”, Independent Schools Council - Bursars
2013 July: “Investment Management Agreements” (i.e. the new text – Lecture Pensions Committee, TACT
2013 March: “Takeover code – Pensions” i.e. the newly won concessions for pension rights – various audiences
2013 June: “Unresolved Tensions – Fiduciary Investment and the UK Pensions Experience” Trust Quarterly Review Issue 2 Volume 11
2012 October: “Tax-Transparent Funds – Undesired Situs, Death and Taxes” Trust Quarterly Review Issue 3 Volume 10
2012 October: “Indexation, Linking and Rigging” Lecture, various venues
2010 January: “Recourse revisited – what are the risks for Trustees’. Counterparties” Trust Quarterly Review Issue 1 Vol.8
2008 February: “Paid Trustees – To Register or Not – Money Laundering Regs 2007” RSRB Client Alert
2007 July: “Pension Schemes – VAT Investment Management Expense” RSRB Client Alert
2007 June: “Corporate Governance of Pension Plans: The UK Evidence - A Comment”, Financial Analysts Journal Vol 63/3
2006 May: “Liability Driven Investment” Investment Update, Jagger & Associates Monthly
2005 November: “Separate Trustee Insurance for DB and DC Schemes” - The OPDU Report - Issue 19
2005 October: “Fiduciary Property Owners’ Management Checklist” – LECF Lecture
2005 April: “Investment Management Mandates – Pre-, Peri- and Post-Appointment Representations”, Pension Lawyer issue 103
2005 January: “Hedge Funds – the six questions you were much too shy to ask” – London Endowed Charities Forum lecture
2004 December: “The Insurance Mediation Directive – implications for pension schemes and their advisers” – seminar for Association of Pension Lawyers
2004 November: “Financial Service law and pensions-related activities” - Leeds Seminar for Association of Pension Lawyers
2004 May: “Another Straw for the Camel – How Pensions Administrators now need Financial Service Authorisation – D-Day 14 January 2005” OPDU Report
2004 May: “Information and advice in the work place” – National Association of Pension Funds Conference Address
2004 April: Legal Responsibilities of Trustees with regard to investment – APS and NAPS Workshop lecture
2004 March: “The FSA Authorisation Manual” – National Association of Pension Funds Trustee workshop
2004 February: “Appointing Investment Managers – Problems and Pitfalls”– Address to Association of Pension Lawyers
2003 September: “Pensions: the best redress may be free” Law Society Gazette
2002 October: “Implementing the Myners Principles – DB and DC Schemes” National Association of Pension Funds Seminar
2002 May: “Trustee liability” – Charity Times feature
2001 October: “Financial Service legislation and pension schemes: 10 questions for busy trustees” – OPDU Report 11
2001 July: “CDIs* - the twenty questions you were too embarrassed to ask” – TACT Review Issue 16 *CREST Depositary Instruments
2001 May: “Being treated as a “fiduciary” in financial services – is it a nightmare and can you avoid it?” – Seminar for Association of Pension Lawyers
2000 March: “Trustees’ investment responsibilities” – National Association of Pension Funds Conference
2000 October: “Fiduciarity: what are the dangers and can you avoid them?” – TACT Review Issue 13
2000 March: “Pension Schemes in Shrinking Businesses” – Association of Pensions Lawyers Seminar
1999 October: “Options for Change – Pensions Ombudsman – A Lawyer’s View” – NAPF Autumn Conference
1999 June: “Section 67” (i.e. Pensions Act 1995) – Amendability of Pension Benefits – Faculty and Institute of Actuaries Annual Conference, Harrogate
1999 April: “The Juridical Nature of Euro Bonds with some observations on situs conflict” - Journal of International Banking and Financial Law Vol 14/4
1999 April: “Why OEICs?” [i.e. Open Ended Investment Companies] - TACT Review Issue 7
1998 November: “Introduction to Derivatives” – R B Seminar
1998 September: “All you wanted to know about Section 67 Pensions Act 1995” - Pensions Management Institute

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